Posted by: bj | February 8, 2011

Clinton Follows Obama’s Lead – Slams USA Health Care System –

January 31,  2011,  Davos, Switzerland

Bill Clinton at the World Economic Forum last week  in Davos , Switzerland, criticizes  the US health care system.  He even  receives an applause.   He says that if you have  the $, you get the best health care, but not  if you are a regular citizen.  He is a liar.  Everyone, the poorest or  the richest in America, have the best care available in the world; and  the poor get it for free;  right now;  not after Obama Care.  

The liberal,  progressive STATISTS putting down  the United States  on their overseas jaunts, have to be put in their place and called on their MOUTHING OFF,  every time they get out of  the country. 

But,  like we have said:    “‘JOURNALISM IS DEAD IN AMERICA”.


  1. Thank you for this, BJ. I have kind of been busy and forgetting to come here to your good site for a long time.

    this is unbelievable wickedness.

    Clinton, over there, badmouthing our country.

    Isn’t that the way it is naturally, if you have the money, you always can get the best of everything. If they weren’t such hypoctical bastards, they would stop wasting our money so we COULD GET BETTER CARE.

    Hillary Rotten Clinton and her pussy-whipped peanut-brained wicked sidekick have nothing better to do than to tear down our country even further?
    Why don’t they move to France and enjoy the war of the Muslims against us on the front lines.

    • Ingrid

      What city are you in? I would like to meet you…………..bob

  2. Like if they stopped the massive illegal immigration (especially including Somali Muslims and other Muslims whose goal to fight the Jihad against Americans is rooted in their evil relgious doctrines of Allah) then we would have more of our own money to spend on ourselves, and wouldn’t hava any need for any fraudulent government enforced ‘Health Care’ (to force someone to pay for that which he believes is wicked is evil tyranny, said Jefferson) instead of all our money and that of our children and grandchildren (poor things) wasted going to pay for the hospital bills, education, housing and food for all those aliens, who we don’t have any room, money or desire to support in the first place. Especially since they are opposed to our freedoms and our democracy.

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