Posted by: bj | September 24, 2009

Elementary School Indocrination – Hitler In the 1930s Revisited? Very Close!

Prayer, Christmas songs, the Pledge Allegiance  to the Flag and other similar expressions of belief and patriotism  are being  outlawed  in public schools;  and the senior administration in many of our public schools are allowing the indoctrination of children,  PRAISING PRESIDENT OBAMA in organized song and in other ways.  (see part II,  “More Indocrination of our Children” dated September 25, 2009, in the category:  “Indocrination” or “Big Brother”).

To the tune of the “Battle Hymn of the Republic”,  no less.  THIS IS SICK.   DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO EXPERIENCE THIS?   ASK YOUR CHILDREN WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THEIR SCHOOL.  Get involved.  Throw these school administrators and teachers out of our schools. 

Here is another one.

Don’t Believe me.    This will get your attention!!!!!!!



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