Posted by: bj | October 26, 2009

John Murtha – Pennsylvania, Get Rid of this Guy?

John Murtha, a former Marine, & now a western  PA.  Congressman, is a poor excuse for  AN AMERICAN.    This is an example of the SLIME  THAT  HAS  INFECTED    OUR  COUNTRY.   Vote this guy  “out of here”.

1.     Congressman Murtha says   (in 2007) ;  ” our Marines over reacted and killed Iraq civilians in cold blood”.   This was a lie; Murtha never apologized;   is being sued by the Marine;   and he is being investigated by the FBI for other matters.

2.     He gets Congress to spend $150 million for the  John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport  in Johnstown, PA.  This airport has 3 flights per day to Washington, DC, that carry an average of 20 people per day.   That is 6.66 people per flight. 

Besides the $150 million of our $ spent by our representatives in Congress for this  Murtha  sponsored, “WHITE ELEPHANT  AIRPORT”,   we also subsidize each passenger an average of $100 per flight or $730,000 per year.  Total cost to date is well over $200 million including the airport  cost to date, annual Murtha  (EARMARKS),    airport operating costs and passenger ticket subsidies.

This is a small example of how CONGRESS IS BANKRUPTING THE COUNTRY.   (Five and Ten cents at a Time) =  Billions of $ per year)

Lets vote this guy to the retirement home……..  in 2010…………..

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