Posted by: bj | October 30, 2009

Environmentalists Are Destroying America

One of the largest aluminum plants in the world, The Columbia Falls Aluminum Company,  will shut down on October 31, 2009 because it can not purchase the required electricity to continue operations.

The environmental movement, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Sierra Club, greenpeace,   and other extremists may think they are doing the planet and their country a favor,  but they  are destroying the American economy, piece  by piece, by piece.   Here is one  story of many:

To save the country, save and create jobs and stimulate the economy, concerned citizens need to learn the real facts and vote  the “No Drilling,  No Shale Oil Mining, No Nuclear Energy and No Coal”   politicians out of congress before our energy driven economy collapses. 

When the union and government owned automobile manufactures,  begin cranking out more and more congressionally mandated, electric vehicles, this shortage of electricity and blackouts will become a national nightmare unless this nation wide energy shortage is resolved.  

To be further educated on crucial energy issues, see the post below:

Environmentalists & Politicians Do not Care About the Environment – But About Power – Here is the Proof –

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    • If you carefully read my comments to your article, you will see that I agree with you, IF WE CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR PROGRESSIVE POLITICIANS. The environmentalists and progressives have promoted global warming like it is a scientific fact. It is not a scientific fact. Do you realize the less than 4 parts per 10,000 parts of the air we breath is CO2. We breath oxygen and exhale CO2. CO2 is absorbed by plants. CO2 is the life blood of all that grows in the ground. And you and your environmental friends want to reduce CO2 because they think we have too much of it. Are you nuts?

      To continue: Because of the global warming hoax, the world now thinks that a majority of CO2 is produced by buring carbon based fuels such as oil, gas, coal, tar sands and oil shale. Thus, the environmentalists have created a stigma that this carbon burning must stop, if the world is to have clean air and water. Thus, the progressives in government do not want the US to find, discover, drill for, or mine for oil, gas, oil shale and tar sands. They are also opposed to nuclear even though it is safest and lowest cost way to provide electricity.

      Thus the shortage you refer to as PEAK OIL, is a reality caused by the government not allowing fee enterprise to equalize supply of and dmand for oil. If government got out of the way, this problem would be non existent in a few years. The liberl response is always: that the remaining oil at Anwar is only a short term supply, or the investment is not there to make this happen, or shale and tar sands production will never happen in time to prevent our decline, etc. etc. The fact is, THE MONEY IS THERE and if we never start producing aditional energy supplies domestically , we will never be energy independent.

      By the way, WE ALL WANT CLEAN WATER AND CLEAN AIR AND renewables are wonderful, but they will never (for many years) be able to replace carbon based fuels.

      If you want proof that the environmentalists and the progressive politicians do not care about the environment or energy independence, go to the we site below:

      If you really care about your country, get off the Obama Marxist program and vote for conservatives in November. That is the last hope for America. I say Obama is a Marxist because everything he has done and is dong comes out Obama’s mentor, Saul Alinsky’s , Marxist playbook. You can find all the proof under my blog category “Obama’s Agenda” to see that every one Obama associates with is or was a Marxist. YOU ARE WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH. ………………………

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