Posted by: bj | November 1, 2009

The Obama Agenda by Dr. Charles Krauthammer

This spells out the Obama agenda very clearly.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer spoke at the American Experiments annual dinner on June 1, 2009.  By all accounts his remarks  were brilliant as always; and many were asking for a transcript or recording of the speech.   Someone summarized what they thought Dr Krauthammer’s remarks were  and published them on the internet. 

Dr. Krauthammer has informed he Center for the American Experiment  that he does not disseminate comments made at private events.  He also has advised them that a summary of his speech on the Internet is “neither accurate nor authoritative.”  His full statement follows. 

“This account is neither accurate nor authoritative. My views on Obama are well known. I’ve explained them in a series of five columns.”   (See below.)  

“My views are clearly spelled out in that series of columns and subsequent writings. Anyone who wants to know my views should consult those and not this email.”


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