Posted by: bj | November 3, 2009

Political Earthquake – Liberals & Liberal Media Still don’t Get It.

Liz Sidoti, Associated Press political Reporter, says on November 2, 2009 that even if  Bob McDonnell is elected the Governor of Virginia, Chris Christie the Governor of New Jersey and Doug Hoffman  a potential new Congressman from New York’s  23 rd District, the Republican Party will “still have a long way to go, because of divisions over the path forward, lack of a national leader and a shrinking base in a changing nation.”

Ms.  Sidot,  there is no division over the path forward.  The path forward is the massive conservative shift now occuring in the US.  The Republican Party is on the verge of becoming the beneficiary of a conservative political earthquake, thanks to Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi (Democratic House Leader) and Harry Reid (Democratic Senate Leader).

The majority of American  People  believe in “conservative” principles not Marxist socialist principles and are re-inventing the Republican Party back to its  original roots.  (SEE ABOVE)   After 9 months of the Obama Administration take over all branches of government, based upon the  election results in Virginia, New Jersey and New York, on November 2, 2009, the American people have seen what Obama and the Democrats are offering and want no part of it. 

  1. lower taxes not higher taxes to create more private sector employment
  2. capitalism not Marxism, socialism, and the redistribution of wealth
  3. Less government, not more government
  4. Less government spending, not more government spending
  5. The country can not afford your $1.5 trillion health care plan.  It will bankrupt the country.
  6. no government take over of the health care industry
  7. No $500 billion reduction (over 10 years) of Medicare benefits to seniors, which is a part of your proposed health care plan
  8. no government ownership of formerly privately owned companies, such as the banks, automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, health care sector
  9. no more government bale-outs of failed private companies
  10. When will the liberals get the message that the terrorists want us ALL DEAD?
  11. Strong national defense, don’t politicize the “war on terror”
  12. fiscal responsibility; under Obama in 9 months the deficit has increase 400% in 9 months.
  13. Adherence to the US Constitution
  14. To Obama and liberal democrats, all profits are obscene; to conservatives,  profits spur economic growth and jobs
  15. The Obama energy plan is more solar, more wind, more electric cars, more taxes on oil company profits, no coal energy production, no more offshore drilling, no shale oil extraction and no more nuclear electricity production.  This will lead to more dependence on foreign imports, higher prices and a threat to national security.  The conservative republican approach is to move forward with more of all the potential sources of energy, not just solar and wind. 

The difference between the ‘liberal” Democrat principles and the “conservative” Republican principles is the difference between black and white.   The voters  have a clear choice:  less government and freedom or more government and tyranny.  They have spoken for freedom.  We expect the US and world stock markets  to rise because the US appears to be back on a capitalistic path.

Below is the Associated Press November 2, 2009 syndicated article.

Rush Limbaugh on Fox news Sunday, November 1, 2009;  articulates these points very clearly.


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