Posted by: bj | November 11, 2009

Obama, Pelosi, Reid Health Care – The Cracks Begin to Appear –

Mr. John Cassidy, a liberal writer for the New Yorker,  who is in favor of  the Obama, Reid and Pelosi  Health care proposal tells the truth.  John,  Thank you for being so honest;  but you have missed the big points.

As you discuss, besides making everyone in America more dependent on the government,  more redistribution of income, and the creation of a permanent WELFARE STATE,  this Obama Health care program will result in:

  1. less freedom
  2. A bankrupt America
  3. higher taxes
  4. $500 million reduction in senior medicare programs
  5. rationing of health care
  6. higher health care costs, not lower costs
  7. a program that will never work
  8. etc., etc., etc.

Here is theWall Street Journal Analysis of John Cassidy’s writing:

Here is the New Yorker article by John Cassidy:



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