Posted by: bj | March 7, 2014

Government Surveillance – If They Admit this Much….How Much Do They Really Do?

Government Surveillance

If they admit this Much……..How much do they really do?


  1. this, coupled with cameras on vast numbers of streets, cameras and time/date counters on all bridges… let’s face it, the government + google with all your emails + the phone companies + GPS now in every car…. you are a prisoner, an ant in a plastic colony, and they know your every move.

    Next, you’ll get piled in stack ‘n’ pack housing, your car taken away, and your food, water and health care measured and dosed to you as THEY see fit!

    Check out page A9 of today’s IJ about San Anselmo and Prop 13… I have some rantings to send MCF on this topic.  Believe me, the camel’s nose IS under the tent.

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