Posted by: bj | November 26, 2009

Global Warming Scientists – Cover Up –

New York Times By ANDREW C. REVKIN –  Published: November 20, 2009

Hundreds of private e-mail messages and documents hacked from a computer server at a British university are causing a stir among global warming skeptics, who say they show that climate scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.  These email exchanges reflect an attempt to block the release of data for independent review.  As one has said,  “this is not a smoking gun, this is a mushroom cloud”.

A quote by Dr. Trenberth, a climatologist from the National Center for Atmospheric  Research, said is one of several email exchanges: The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming and at the moment it is a travesty that we can’t”. This guy is actually upset that he can not prove we have global warming.  You would think that he and everyone would be thrilled to death about this, not upset.  INCREDIBLE………………INCREDIBLE……….

Judging by the title of the article:  “Hacked E-Mail is new fodder for climate dispute”, the author appears to also be disappointed that “global warming” is most likely a fraud.

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