Posted by: bj | December 30, 2009

See Explosive Used for Bombing Northwest Air Lines over Detroit – Racial Profiling Is A Must Do – NOW!

Racial profiling should be a required IMMEDIATELY anywhere  there is a large concentration of people in a small confined area, like at airports and  all LARGE AIRCRAFT flying anywhere in the world:  

Here are three ( 3 )  reasons why:

  1. 24 of 31 of the FBI  “most wanted”  (world-wide) are of Islamic origin’s+most+wanted&g=fbis_most_wanted&FORM=MFEVSS&PUBL=Google&CREA=userid175952aeada9bb3255b1743d9a7096b14fb0

      2.   23 of 24 of the FBI “most wanted terrorists”   are of Islamic origin.’s+most+wanted&g=fbis_most_wanted&FORM=MFEVSS&PUBL=Google&CREA=userid175952aeada9bb3255b1743d9a7096b14fb0#toc=1&v=2&tc=24

      3.   Watch  this video which is most likely the bomb of choice for these   terrorists.  One drop of the explosive material,  this  size (  O  ) can do this:

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