Posted by: bj | February 18, 2010

The Dems Still Don’t Get It

Evan Bayh, retiring Senator from Indiana, Obama and the majority of the liberals in Congress still do not get it.  Bayh is not running for another term in the Senate because of “ever shriller partisanship and the frustrations of grid lock”.  He sees a need for “compromise for the good of the nation”.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The system of government our forefathers had in mind is working just fine and the voters are cleansing the congress of those that do not hold their values.   The majority of the Population in  the Country does not want anything to do with  the Obama program or any  one who favors it.  The system is working.  Gridlock and partisanship are good.  The bums are being thrown out.  What has happened in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts and is taking place across the country is called democracy and what our forefathers had in mind when our leaders reject the constitution.   Fact is,  also,  Bayh knows he has no chance of being elected if he did run. 

The majority of the people in the country are disgusted with Obama’s:

  • Arrogance
  • Marxist agenda for Re-distribution of income
  • massive government spending money we do not have for wasteful programs
  • higher taxes – on the way –
  • Zero transparency
  • contempt for the profit motive of capitalism
  • contempt of the military as exemplified in the Department of Justice potential prosecution of Navy  Seals who capture terrorists, CIA agents who interrogate them while reading Muslim terrorists their Miranda rights and then provides them with an attorney in a US court room. 
  • badmouthing of the US in many speeches in foreign countries
  • complete lack of a meaningful energy program to eliminate our need for foreign oil imports
  • many other policies to numerous to mention here

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