Posted by: bj | March 22, 2010

Thank You Obama

Thank you Obama.  America owes you a great deal.    In 12 months you have DESTROYED or are in the final process of Destroying :

  • the Clinton Political machine
  • the Progressive Liberal machines in New Jersey and Virginia
  • the Kennedy Dynasty
  • the Democratic party
  • the political careers of many  liberals including Dennis Moore (quit), Evan Bayh (quit), Byron Dorgan (quit), Harry Reid ,  Charlie Rangel,  Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer (probably) and dozens of other STATISTS (we have to wait for November 2010 for this wave)

Thank you Obama, You have finally made the “liberal progressive” agenda very clear.  The difference between your Liberal principles and Conservative principles is now as clear as black and white, and  the vast majority of the American people are rejecting your progressive agenda: :

  • Big Government (more control of your life = less freedom)
  • High Taxes,  borrowing, Spending, and that when that does nor work, printing $$$, which is bankrupting the Country – (look at California, New York and New Jersey, & other states and countries on the same path)
  • Terrorist Rights and contempt of the military as exemplified in the Department of Justice potential prosecution of Navy  Seals who capture terrorists, CIA agents who interrogate them while reading Muslim terrorists their Miranda rights and then providing them with an attorney in a US court room. 
  • A weaker America versus a stronger America (militarily and economically)
  • Socialism versus Capitalism
  • Daily avoidance of the U S Constitution that Obama calls “a living and breathing imperfect and flawed document”.
  • Your new health care program, which you crammed down our throats by bribing critical votes in the House of Representatives,  which is rejected by 2 out of 3 Americans, violates the US Constitution, reduces Medicare (which is bankrupt) by $500 billion, will cost $2.6 trillion which we don’t have, increase unemployment  and will increase taxes when our economy is fragile as an egg-shell.

Thank you Obama,  you have woken America’s next generation to the truth.  This is even a more amazing feat when one realizes that 95% of the media from ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, CNBC, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and most other major American newspapers give you hourly, free and glowing accounts of your wonderful activities around the world on behalf of the American people.  

Thank you again Obama.  The war is not over, but a tidal wave is coming.  No amount of money or advertising could have accomplished what you have in one year.  America is once again AWAKE; you have made it much easier for Americans to understand the difference between liberty and tyranny, and they have chosen “LIBERTY”.


  1. Brilliant. I’m going to pass your blog on. You really hit a chord!

    • Your ad was very informative I will pass this on it is worth reading this message.

      • Thanks Suzanne, check ut the “Categories” on top right.

  2. This is really terrific! I am definetly passing this on to my friends. I’ve been saying this all along ever since this obscured state senator anounced his candicy for president. This guy is nothing but a glorified socialist that should be impeached for dereliction of his oath of office along with his fuddy duddy vice president Biden. Stop this travisty before it’s too late!

    • Thank you Harry. Have a great week and look at my other posts… Under “Select Categories” …………………… Best

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