Posted by: bj | July 14, 2010

Alan Keyes Says it Like It Is

 Alan Keyes Calls a Spade –  A Spade

Alan Keyes is a Patriot


  1. Hear Hear, truth and bravery. Why isn’t this man our leader? Alan Keyes for President. Or King of the Infidels.
    Down with Tyranny, down with Insanity, down with unthinkable abominations. Or as Thomas Jefferson said, “I fear for my country when I reflect that God is Just!”
    My, and that was in relatively innocent times.
    This is true, we are in trouble, not only becuase of our own actions, (and tolerance of these suicidal, treacherous policies and abominations) but because the All Powerful Creator has been watching all of this. His justice will not sleep (wait) for ever.
    Oh Dear.
    Alan Keyes for King.

    • Ingrid ……………………….Thank you for your comments…………..

  2. We need to repent of our wrong choices for leaders, as in ancient Israel, and finally choose a good, righteous King. Then, Our Creator will avert his wrath on all of us.
    That their history is an example for all of us, can you imagine, that not repenting of our sorceries, treachery and horrible things we have supported (by our silence, we support it all) done by our leaders and lawmakers, if ancient Israel the blessed nation was taken down by invaders and made into slaves, what is in store for us now.
    I think its worse for us now than any then, we are so much more blessed with education, historical precendent, and lightning-speed communication/information. and we steep in our apathy (lukewarm) which our Saviour found intolerable, and this is alarming. We need to make Alan Keyes – quickly – now – our King. before its too late for all of us, in the once-named ‘land of the free and home of the brave’. Dismantle and punish a lying treacherous press and courts and leaders who collude with an avowed and vicious enemy which we (our leaders) have lied, misleading us as to their real intentions, letting them infiltrate into our land/institutions with the help of the traitors we have stupidly elected to ‘lead’ us (out of tyranny).
    Let me say it again, this man needs to be our president.

    • Ingrid……………………………….Thanks for your comments……………

  3. Hello BJ.
    I hear this man, and want to know why he is not our president.
    After hearing him first time just days ago, I thought he spoke so unabashedly truthfully strong, it is a crime he is not.
    I think this man is a prophet.

    thank you for that video.

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