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Progressive Global Warming Hoax Promotes the Destruction of America From Within

It is a sad day when my local newspaper creates a story on one of the most  important issues, in OUR TIME,  that have no basis in fact, that are promoted by progressive  ideologues  that have no idea what they are talking about other than their environmental focused agenda.

The  Saturday, July 17, 2010 publication of the Marin Independent Journal headlined its “TOP STORY”  on page one:  “Coping with doom, gloom”,  written by Richard Halstead,  the IJ writer for business, health care and politics.  Mr. Halstead’s writing is about   Andre Angelantoni who has a company called “Post Peak Living” who “sees a future where”:

  • “global warming”
  • “dwindling oil supplies”

will result in:

  • “spiraling unemployment”
  • “food shortages” and
  • “rising poverty”
  • the beginning of the decline of our civilization
  • our national unhealthiness, as medical accessibility declines, will create a huge humanitarian crisis. 
  • People having to have to get used to people dying of things they used to die of in the past”
  • decline in  oil production  re-arranging our society much faster than climate change, while I (Angelantoni) was focused for years on global warming.
  • All the oil that can be extracted from tar sands and oil shale, at a higher price, will not be ramped up fast enough to compensate
  • unemployment reaching depression levels and continue past that
  • oil price shocks and climate change which will result in less  food production worldwide in a big way this decade
  • “fewer people seeking higher education because there will be no jobs”. “Once this contraction begins, you don’t need all these educated people.”

Another crisis monger is Raven Gray, President of  TRANSITION  US, who is based in Sebastopol, just up the road from Angelantoni.


I would like to educate them as to the basic foundation of their beliefs:

  • GLOBAL WARMING:  The worlds leading scientists have told the worlds public the science of global warming has been affirmed by the scientific community.  This is simply not true.  Scientific data was manipulated by scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research  Unit in Norwich, England to make sure the final conclusion was to prove that global warming was a fact. 
  • The reality is that The “global warming'”    hoax  has  been perpetrated by the progressives as a means to purposely cause a shortage of energy and oil supplies.
  • The “dwindling    oil   supplies”  you refer to is false.  The progressive liberal energy programs (or lack of a program) are causing dwindling energy supplies in the US.   A current example is Obama shutting down 100% of all new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  All 33 rigs will shortly be moved elsewhere, tens of thousands of permanent jobs and tens of  millions of barrels of oil  production will be lost;   caused by OBAMA,  ON PURPOSE!!    Within the domestic United States  there are  more than 10  times the oil and natural gas supplies than  in the middle east alone.  These facts are documented and are not debateable. 


Thus, because the PREMISE is false and has no basis in reality;  all the future projections (ABOVE)  of Mr. Angelantoni and Gray are scare tactics that they hope will provide them an audience so they can make a living off this nonsense.


Angelantoni, Gray & Halstead, & Halstead’s employer, the Marin Independent  Journal,  are obviously big supporters of    the environmental movement.  The environmentalists and the progressives don’t give a hoot about the environment and  are destroying capitalism in America.    

I will say that if the progressives, liberals, left and environmentalists are successful in their efforts to:

  1. Continue spreading the false myth of global warming
  2. curtail drilling for oil and natural gas on and off shore
  3. curtail coal  & nuclear sources as the best  low-cost sources of electricity
  4. prevent a continuation of the Bush tax cuts
  5. violate the US Constitution every day
  6. increase government spending programs
  7. increase taxes
  8. pass a cap and trade tax bill
  9. prevent a 100% reversal of the Obama 2300 page health care bill
  10. prevent a 100% reversal of the Obama 2300 pg financial reform bill
  11. keep control of the House of Representatives & Senate in November
  12. divert water resources to the fish rather than the farmers

Many of Mr. Angelantoni’s will in fact happen and the US will quickly be on the road to total disaster. 

The irony here is that all these progressive policies which will cause all these terrible things to happen are promoted by Angelantoni, Gray,  most at The Independent Journal, the democratic congress  and the Obama administration.  These people are ideologues and are economic illiterates. 

ALL THAT HAS TO BE DONE TO QUICKLY  TURN AROUND THE ECONOMY, INCREASE JOBS AND BECOME 100% ENERGY INDEPENDENT IS TO DO THE EXACT OPPOSITE  OF ITEMS 1 THROUGH 12 ABOVE.   The defeat of the progressives in the House and Senate on November 2, 2010 should be the first step to reverse all this Angelantoni & Gray doom and gloom.   the permanent solution can then occur in November 2012.

So, Mr Angelantoni and Gray,  if you want the nightmare you say is coming to really happen, continue voting for the progressives.  If you want energy independence, prosperity for America, jobs for everyone who wants one, less poverty, no food shortages,  a resurgence of America (“not the beginning of our decline”),  vote the progressives out,  encourage conservative values  and put sanity back in Washington DC.


  1. Thanks for covering the article on the converging issues of climate change and peak oil.

    Unfortunately, you have the facts completely wrong.

    Three months ago the U.S. Joint Forces Command issued a report warning that we are headed for a 10 million barrel per day shortfall by 2015 but the problems start in 2012.

    Lloyd’s of London and Chatham House UK issued a report three weeks ago warning:


    They further say:

    “Traditional fossil fuel resources face serious supply constraints and an oil supply crunch is likely in the short-to-medium term with profound consequences for the way in which business functions today. Businesses would benefit from taking note of the impacts of the oil price spikes and shocks in 2008 and implementing the appropriate mitigation actions. A scenario planning approach may also help assess potential future outcomes and help inform strategic business decisions.”

    Your readers may also be interested in the number of oil projects coming online in the next five or six years. Any year with less than 4 mb/d means new supply will not make up for the depletion of existing oil fields.

    If the Brits and the American Military aren’t credible enough, here is what the International Energy Agency’s Chief Economist, Fatih Birol, thinks:
    “Dr. Birol said that the public and many governments appeared to be oblivious to the fact that the oil on which modern civilisation depends is running out far faster than previously predicted and that global production is likely to peak in about 10 years — at least a decade earlier than most governments had estimated.”

    There is much more but even these links demonstrate that we are beginning to meet the limits of the planet upon which we depend.

    -André Angelantoni

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