Posted by: bj | February 14, 2011

Do We Have the Right to Protect Ourselves?

Roger Barnett,  owns a 35,000 acre ranch 2 miles from  the Arizona – Mexico border in SE Arizona.  He visits his ranch on Friday afternoon and goes back to his main home in Sierra Vista on Sunday afternoon.  Illegals from Mexico have been crossing his land for years with out his permission.  Mr. Barnett estimates that he has turned over to the border patrol at least  14,000 illegals that he has caught crossing his over and destroying his land over the years.    

In 2004,  Roger was working on his land and caught 16 illegals.  He called the border patrol who came to his location, loaded up  the illegal aliens and deported them back to Mexico.

The illegals  subsequently sued Mr. Barnett for $16 million for assault and emotional distress.  Mr. Barnett won that $16 million  case, but the  Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled on February 11, 2011 that Mr. Barnett must pay the illegals $87,000.

Do we have the right to protect ourselves?    The liberal Ninth Circuit court of Appeals  says not in this case.   Soto Mayor, the new Supreme Court Justice doesn’t think we have the right to protect ourself either.

Are we living in America?   This is outrageous…….


  1. I have seen illegals at the WORK office at my cousins farm hand the ‘Intake’ gal as many as 3 Social Security cards and 2 WA state DOL cards. Our Yakima Police Chief has told the officers not to call the ICE folks on traffic stops. I did not know we had changed from a Republic to a Democracy, where the values of living under the Rule of Law no longer apply to anyone.

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