Posted by: bj | August 22, 2011

The Tipping Point

Published in the Marin Independent Journal on Saturday, August 20, 2011,  and written by Bob Johnson, author of

The   ‘Tipping Point?’

Norm Solomon, Obama,the IJ & all  liberals are on the wrong side of history. They advocate higher taxes, loathe private enterprise, capitalism,
corporations & profit. These are the engines that drives the creation of jobs? (their supposed # 1 goal).  Profits are good because they lead to taxes which pay for government & “Social Justice” programs which liberals cannot do without.  We do not need higher taxes.  Higher taxes will make the job situation worse.  We need more tax payers.  Is it any wonder that private job growth is nil with this Obama anti-business philosophy?   By the way, Norman, FDR’s “New Deal” federal jobs programs prolonged the great depression for many, many, years.  It did not “pull the economy out of its deep ravine”, they made it worse. 

If one studies history, liberal Marxist policy never works to create prosperity.  Look at Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Greece, Italy & North Korea.  In one year, Washington currently  spends $4.0 trillion, takes in $2.4 trillion in taxes & borrows $1.6 trillion. If we continue down this road any longer there will be no Social Security or Medicare. 

Norman, Republicans are not undermining Medicare, they are trying to save it, unlike liberals who cut $500 billion from Medicare when they passed Obama Care.  (with zero Republican votes)

The  real problem:  50% of the population pay taxes and work for a living & the other 50%, pay no taxes, and vote for a living.  The 50% “Takers” are living off the 50% “Makers”. 

If the tipping point is passed & continues to decline, it will lead
to the complete collapse of our country and there will be no more social
security or Medicare.

Bob Johnson,
Mill Valley


  1. Well said, Bob Johnson. Will these wonderful leaders of ours ever learn how effective the free enterprise system is and how much damage they are doing to us all by promoting “big govt” over development of the small business people in America who make it all go.

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