Posted by: bj | October 28, 2011

ICE – New Immigration Detainer Form

The new ICE Immigration Detainer Forms has a NEW  “Notice to the Detainee” in 6 languages that says:

“If you have a complaint regarding this detainer or related to violations of civil liberties, please contact the ICE Joint Intake Center at 1 877 246 8253.  If you believe you are the victim of a crime, please advise the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by calling the ICE Law Enforcement Support Center at 1 802 872 6020.

Here is the Immigration Detainer Form:

ICE Immigration Detainer Notice

This is just another magnet to keep  illegals coming to the United States.  I guess the illegals who get caught  just make a phone call and ICE provides them an attorney which is paid for by the Taxpayers.  This also give them the opportunity to sue ICE which will even cost us more $.

With Eric Holder’s (the Attorney  General of the US)  law firm representing all the Islamic terrorists pro-bono,  this should not surprise anyone.  But at least Holder did it for free and we all pay for this…………..  Is it any wonder the Country is bankrupt?

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