Posted by: bj | November 18, 2011

Democratic Party Policy Ensaves Blacks – for 150 years & Counting –

For  158 years  Democratic Party public policy has directly contributed to the lack of social and economic advancement of the black community in America.  They have promoted principles that cause many black people to follow a way of life that depends on the government rather than private initiative for their support and existence.   The Democratic Party and  many blacks in Congress, are   still   ENSLAVING  BLACKS,  like they have ever since the Democratic Party came into existence.  This dependent society will always vote for those who give them $$.  “Why should I get a job, when I make more $  doing nothing.”  These politicians are buying votes and care more about their re-election than the plight of their underprivileged constituents.

Below is a great video which outlines the above in vivid detail:

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