Posted by: bj | April 21, 2012

Enviro Politicians Are Destroying California

The State of California liberal “Enviro” Politicians  have mandated that:

  • Auto Companies build 1.4 million hydrogen fuel cars by 2025
  • These companies pay Fines  if they don’t
  • oil companies build 20 hydrogen gas stations in a specific market, every time an Auto manufacturing company puts 10,000 hydrogen burning cars in that  market.

The Facts are:

  • Hydrogen burning cars cost 10 times more than a gas burning car: $40,000 versus $400,000
  • Hydrogen burning cars produce more carbon emissions than gas burning cars

Conclusion:  Who would ever buy a hydrogen burning car for $400,000 when they could buy a gas burning car for $40,000?

Answer:  No one!  Boy, these progressives in Sacramento are really working hard to solve our problems.

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