Posted by: bj | July 21, 2012

California Transportation Authority Proposes $.10 per Mile Tax for Driving Your Car

July 18, 2012 – San Jose Mercury News

Another Brilliant Progressive  Idea on How to Raise Taxes

The California Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently proposed what could become the most unpopular tax of all time: A tax for simply driving your car.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission of San Francisco is behind the idea and has said that the tax would work by installing GPS units into cars to track the miles that they travel. The vehicle owners would then be charged accordingly, with low-income drivers exempted.

The hope is that a VMT (vehicle miles traveled) tax would cut down on pollution and traffic congestion, while raising funds for things like road construction and surface repair.,177469


  1. We already pay taxes for the roads. They will piss this away and want more THAN 10 cents. This is the beginning a nightmare. Time to definitely leave CA

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