Posted by: bj | August 15, 2012

Obama (unilaterally, with out authority) Makes Illegals, Legal–Today –

August 15, 2012, New York Times   

Effective Today, August 15, 2012, KING OBAMA, by questionable executive authority,  (in other words illegally) mandates to make 1.7 million illegal immigrants, LEGAL.  and additional measures promulgated by  today raises this number to 2.0 million.  This effectively puts these “criminals” at the front of the line, ahead of those who have applied for citizenship and have been waiting in line for many years.

Another attempt to buy votes in November.  What happened to the “RULE OF LAW”?

Now even more illegals (the liberals call them undocumented workers)  will be able to vote, receive free health care, social security, food stamps (EBT card), and many other welfare benefits. 

And what do the Republicans do?  So far,  absolutely nothing.  

The only ones making waves are CONSERVATIVES..



  1. Obama is a socialist liar who will eventually bring America to it’s knees.

    • Thanks Frank. That is why we need to get rid of this guy or it is over. Would you like to be on my distribution list.

  2. Obama is a big STAIN and a PAIN of this country.

    • Roland. Can I put you on the email list for

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