Posted by: bj | August 29, 2012

The Tipping Point

August 29, 2012  –  Mill Valley, California

This is one of the reasons I started  over three years ago.

Fifty % of the people in the United States  pay federal income taxes and work for a living;  and  50% pay no federal income taxes and vote for a living.   If this “Tipping Point” is crossed, it will lead to the total collapse of the economic and social fabric of AMERICA because there will be fewer MAKERS to pay for the TAKERS. 

The progressives have it backwards.  It is not the 99% versus the 1%.  It is 50% (MIDDLE CLASS)  paying for the 50% (ON SOME FORM WELFARE CLASS). 

Greece is experiencing riots in the streets right now because they have passed their Tipping Point; and this  the same phenomenon experienced by Greece  is spreading  to  Europe and elsewhere.     WILL IT COME HERE……………….?  

It is very close to becoming a reality and our greatest nightmare and we don’t have long to right the ship.  But we can turn this around. 

Below is my letter to the editor of the Marin Independent Journal in November 2011 which discusses this “TIPPING POINT”.

Here s a short video with more:

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