Posted by: bj | September 28, 2012

Madonna Confirms It: Obama is a Muslim

September 26, 2012,  Madonna in Concert in Washington DC

I took some people several years to figure out Obama was a Marxist.

Now,  Madonna, a big supporter of Obama,  confirms that OBAMA IS:   “A BLACK  MUSLIM in the White House.”   Here is the utube video, short version of 28 seconds.  Google for longer versions.

So, it is logical that we can conclude that  Obama,   is a Muslim Marxist in the White House.   

Where is the confirmation that a Muslim  Marxist Philosophy will help save America?   Where is the Lame Street Media to even propose a debate about the subject?    The founders would roll  over in their graves!!

Pray For America……God Help America……America Wake Up…………..

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