Posted by: bj | January 7, 2013

The Problem With the Republican Party – Marin IJ Letters to Editor

Below (at the bottom)  is my letter to the Editor in the Saturday, January 5, 2013 Independent Journal.
The I J Opinion editors completely missed the point.
The title was supposed to be:
 “Obama is the Problem”
 I was criticizing the Main Stream Republican Party mentality, reflected in Dr. Hartnett’s letter, (SUGGESTING THAT OBAMA NEEDS THE SUPPORT OF ALL AMERICANS, EVEN THOSE THAT DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM).   I was blaming this political philosophy for the reason the Republicans are loosing. They are loosing because they are not showing any significant POLICY ALTERNATIVES OR Any CONTRAST to the existing Liberal, Progressive Democratic Party.
Like I said, why would any one support a President who represents policies that are 100% the opposite of what they need to be to save our country?
Below is the Letter to the Editor of the Marin Independent Journal on January 5, 2013:


Obama is the problem

Dr. Michael Hartnett, member of the Marin Republican Party and the Marin United Taxpayers Association, in his Marin Voice column in the Dec. 30 IJ states:

“For Obama to beat the odds, and avoid the fate of most past second-term presidents, he needs the support of all Americans, even those of us who didn’t vote for him. Our future as a people and nation depend on it.”

Doctor, with all due respect to a Republican who is presumably interested in Republican Ideals, how can you advocate the support a president who represents policies that are 100 percent the opposite of what they need to be to save our country?   We need more conservative Republicans to fight Obama policies and less RINOs like Dr. Hartnett, or things will get much worse.

Everything Obama supports will lead to reduced job growth, lower tax revenue to the government, higher budget deficits and severe devaluation of the dollar, which equals the economic and social destruction of America.

The United States  and all its major programs are bankrupt: Medicare, Social Security, the Post Office, with a $16-plus trillion budget deficit increasing by $1.6 trillion a year. Add the impact of Obama Care, his higher taxes, higher government spending and the picture becomes real ugly real fast.

Can’t these politicians  learn from history? Here we come, Greece, Spain, France and Europe.

Bob Johnson, Mill Valley

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