Posted by: bj | September 3, 2013

Educating John McCain on the meaning of Allahu-Akbar

Educating John McCain on the meaning of Allahu-Akbar

John, It does not mean Thank God………….Why would a murderer shout those words while murdering dozens of people?     You need to resign.along with your pal, Lindsey Graham.  You both are a disgrace.


  1. John McCain is a veteran, and a pow, who suffered immeasurably at the hands of this country’s enemies, and he deserves the love and respect if this nation. He is not currently in his right mind [he may have slipped into his left mind], or he would remember his suffering, and vow to oppose such enemies of this country. He should enjoy his retirement on his front porch, rocking in a comfortable chair, drinking a fresh squeezed lemonade, and NOT speaking carelessly about politics, or sending Americans to die in the middle east. He should not hold political office. Oliver North is with it, John McCain is not. He needs to retire before he morphs completely into a nancy pelosi: confused socialist and blabbermouth.


    • Ingrid

      Thank you for your kind thoughts…………….Best Bob

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