Posted by: bj | October 3, 2013

Obama’s Threat to Default on the National Debt

Wednesday, October 2, 2013, CNBC Obama’s Interview with John Harwood

Obama’s plan is now Exposed.  If the Republicans do not agree to give up their fight to stop or extend the implementation of Obama Care AND extend the CONTINUING RESOLUTION, Obama is now FOCUSING ON OCTOBER 16. 

On October 16 the government runs out of $.  If the Republicans refuse to increase the debt ceiling to accomodate Obama’s plan to spend even more money we do not have, Obama plans to default on the National Debt and blame it  on the Republicans.

Obama says: “A faction is willing to default on the national debt.”    These comments make Obama the most reckless President in US history.  He has said he was going to transform the nation, and he is doing it with out any authority.  He is definitely seeking ECONOMIC DISASTER, blaming it on Tea Party Conservatives, to sieze even more power.  If you doubt this,  click on the link below, to see Obama in his own words:

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