Posted by: bj | May 22, 2014

Obama Proposes That Military Pay for Health Insurance – May 18, 2009 –

May 18, 2009:  Obama Proposes That Military Pay for Health Insurance 

This was posted on on August 23, 2009:  click below for 2009 post……


  1. At first, reaction “shocked”; but quickly realized that for several years now, I, and millions of others, are not shocked, but appropriately Outraged and even more Determined to Save The Republic of the United States of America and Her Constitution — ‘WeThePeoples'” Constitution, Our Freedom and Liberty and Our One-Nation-Under-God! God Bless America!!!

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    FYI — as we Remember Those Who Have Given Our Republic the Ultimate Sacrifice, their one and only Life, that we may continue to Live Free and spare no effort in insuring the future of our Exceptional Nation’s Future, “for ourselves and our Posterity”; with gratitude to all those who have served Honorably in the Armed Forces of Our Republic! God Bless You All! We remember on this Memorial Day 2014, as we strive to do everyday, Our Military’s Sacrifices and that “Freedom Isn’t Free!”! God Bless America!!!

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