Posted by: bj | August 22, 2014

Obama: Fool or Traitor? (Trades 1 of ours for 17 Islamic Terrorists – Rather than 19 for 17)

May 31, 2014:  

Obama Releases FIVE  murdering terrorists from  Gitmo in exchange for one  US Sargent (Bowe Bergdahl – most likely a deserter from his US Army unit)  held by Islamic Terrorists.

June 15, 2014:

Obama Releases 12 more potential Islamic terrorists held in Afghanistan military prison.

Summer, 2014:

Obama Tries US Special Forces Rescue of up to 19 kidnapped western hostages (one of which is James Foley, US correspondent ) held by ISIS in Syria.. ……Result:  No One There.

August 19, 2014:

ISIS cuts American James Foley’s head off, in brutal murder.

August 20, 2014:  

Obama feels so bad he announces his previous rescue attempt.    This example of puting politics over national security (WHICH OBAMA DOES EVERY DAY)  PUTS THE  SECURITY OF OUR SPECIAL FORCES AND THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IN JEOPARDY.


Why would anyone release 17  Islamic  terrorists for one US deserter, when he had the opportunity to release up to a potential 19 US and western kidnapped victims, for the 17 Islamic murderers….?





  1. Old Tennessee proverb:  you can’t have clean water till you take the turds out. There are a lot of those in Washington, hired by the biggest one of all.

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