Posted by: bj | September 13, 2014

CIA Expert: Obama is Implementing Osama’s Global Plan

World Net Daily;  August 13, 2014; It is very clear what Obama is doing………Very Scarry Stuff……

CIA Expert: Obama is Implementing Osama’s Global Plan to:

  1. Turn The Entire Middle East and North Africa over to Iran
  2. Let the Sunnis and Shiites Divide the Middle East into 2 Spheres of Influence
  3. Alienate & Distance  America From its Allies and Friends
  4. Weaken and Debilitate the US  Military
  5. Enable the Rise of Islam throughout the world
  6. Remove US Power, Influence & Military From Islamic Lands
  7. Promote and Allow Muslim and Islamic Infiltration into the White House and the US NATIONAL SECURITY INFRASTRUCTURE.



  1. Wow. Now there’s a conspiracy theory.

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