Posted by: bj | September 23, 2018

My Cancer Story – This is an Amazing Story –

My Cancer Story – This is an Amazing Story – by: Joe Tippens Edmond, Oklahoma

Attitude, Positive Thinking & Humor

Hopefully this Story can help you or someone you know, or even may not know.




  1. Wow, Bob, what an amazing story and life journey.  I love this sort of thing, hope, and survival against all odds, and taking control of your destiny. I was born and raised in a small, but wealthy, town in NE Oklahoma, and I also went to OSU, go Cowboys, and I was an accountant for a international container leasing firm.  But unlike Joe, I have thus far been spared a cancer diagnosis, but have so many friends who have been.  This is a great story to share.

  2. My husband has 2 kinds of leukemia. Cll and myeliodstenosis. Will this wormer work for him.he really needs help. He goes to MDA. He is on an immunotherapy for his CLL. He has had other skin cancer, lost his left ear and ear drum , ear canal to squamous cell cancer. He needs helps for the other blood disease too. My number is 918-842-0016
    My husband’s name is Dennis Crites, my name is Linda. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!!

    • You need to contact the person who write this. Use Google
      To find it.

  3. Hi Joe. I have been taking the Panacur, etc. now for 3 months. Originally had stomach neuroendocrine carcinoma which later metastasized to liver and also have small cell lung cancer. Do you know of anyone taken this regimen for neuroendocrine carcinoma? If so, were they helped?

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