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Worst 25 Cities in America Controlled by Democratic Party for 60 years

Marin Independent Journal – Letters to the Editor – September 27, 2019

Worst 25 Cities in USA Are Run by Democrats

In his letter to the editor on Sept. 21, Lenny Brian wrote, “This seems to me like a perfect opportunity to show the rest of the country that a state completely controlled by Democrats can solve problems. It’s time to own the problems, fix them and prove they deserve the dominance California voters have entrusted them with, without interference from those pesky Republicans.”

It is a disgrace the American media (which seems to act as a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party) has not educated Brian and probably more than 50% of the United States population that the 25 worst cities in the U.S. have been led by socialist Democrats and their progressive ideology, which has destroyed these once great cities over the last 60 years.

The top 10 American cities for homelessness are sanctuary cities (all led by Democrats), which offer refuge to illegal immigrants and do not cooperate with federal law enforcement. This includes Los Angeles (55,000 homeless), Seattle (12,000), San Diego (9,000), San Jose (7,000), San Francisco (6,000) and Las Vegas (6,000).

Of the top 10 “most-dangerous cities” in America, all have Democratic mayors. And of the top 25, most are Democrat-led and all but one have poverty rates between 18-39% (the national average is 12.3%). Most have unemployment between 4.4 – 9.3%. (with a national average of 3.7%)

Most leaders in these cities oppose policies promoted by President Donald Trump that are bringing prosperity to the rest of the country.

A majority of the top 10 “most dangerous cities” are in anti-gun coalitions, focused on restricting Second Amendment rights, favoring policies against allowing citizens to protect themselves. While each is different, many favor gun control, bans on carrying concealed weapons and higher minimum wages — all proven failures.

The numbers are compelling, so are elections. Elect new leaders.

— Robert W. Johnson Jr., Mill Valley



  1. It is time to get rid of democrats who are destroying America 8/14/21

    • What do you mean by get rid of them?

      • Vote them out

      • I’m glad you have faith in democracy! May the best ideas win!

        For a second, I thought you were suggesting something a little more extreme.

  2. I guess since all the major cities are controlled by dems, you could also say that the BEST 25 cities in America are controlled by dems. Will that be your next article?? I didn’t think so.

    • I guess you missed the logic class at school

      • If my logic is flawed, please set me straight on this.

      • Are you blind?
        San Francisco and other cities are controlled by the left for many years are are in the process of turning into Detroit the SHINNING CITY ON A HILL 73 years ago with a population of 1.85 million. Now in 2o21 635,000. Following in the way of

  3. Detroit, new York, Portland, etc. all loosing their tax base, high criminal activity and loosing population. Baltimore, Chicago. All run by the Marxist left.

  4. California has gained population every year since becoming a state in 1850. Lost 700,000 population since 2021. And loosing it tax base like all the other states run by the left.

  5. And conservatively run Florida with no taxes gained 800k population

    And california is the highest taxed state in the country.

    If you cared about the county and were a PATRIOT you would be praying for you county like the MAGA majority that will hopefully get America back on track again in November 2024

    • I feel like I’ve got good logical replies to all of your statements above, but let me just ask you this one question. Why do you think your viewpoint is in the minority amongst voting Americans?

      • I don’t think my viewpoint is in the minority among voting Americans. I firmly believe that the media makes people believe that either by lying about the news or omission of the news. It’s called fake news.

      • You appear to be a much larger consumer of mainstream media than I am. And you apparently watch a channel quite a bit that just paid over 3/4 of a billion dollars because it made intentionally false statements. And you watch a particular personality on that channel that was revealed to have feelings quite different than he portrayed on TV. Might you also be a victim of fake news? It certainly seems so. Ironically Fox is the single mainstream media news channel that has paid the most for airing fake news.

        Also – your opinion is definitely in the minority of American voters. Take a look at the popular vote of presidential elections recently. The last GOP president to win the popular vote was W in 2004, after 9/11 (he didn’t win the popular vote in 2000).

        I honestly believe that any news source airing divisive content pitting the left against the right is un-American, and I will only watch it skeptically, to find out what they’re saying. If you want to fight for America, find common ground…don’t focus on differences. One of my favorite spiritual philosophers 2000 years ago talked about the need to stop judging and focus on loving your neighbor. I think this world needs more of that.

      • When everything. And I mean EVERYTHING, the left does is destroying the country , and I would presume they are destroying the country, or you are 100% uninformed? Their is NO COMMON GROUND. THEIR EVIL MUST BE DESTROYED AT THE BALLOT BOX.

      • When you say “the left” are you referring to all democrats or just a subset of the most left-leaning democrats? Thx.

      • So what are your logical replies to my statements.

  6. About Detroit, Baltimore,etc

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