Posted by: bj | July 5, 2020

Black People Were Slave Owners Too!

Black people were slave owners, too! Writer Unknown,
And not just in Africa, there were Blacks who owned slaves (other Blacks) here in America during the Antebellum era.
 Years ago I wrote a letter to the editor (back in Iowa, so this was in the 1990’s) asking how people thought Whites gathered Black slaves in Africa. 
 Here’s a summary of what my letter asked the readers to consider: 
 Do you really think White slave merchants sailed into Africa, jumped off ships and (on sea legs) were able to chase down and captured the greatest athletes the world has ever known? Do you really think these wobbly-legged White seamen were able run down and subdue a race of people that has dominated every Olympic track and field event – as well as every combat sport known to man…and Whitey did this on the home terrain of these athletic Blacks?
 The truth is (obviously) – Black people captured other Blacks then sold their fellow man and women into Slavery!!
 How is this so tough to figure out and why is no one making this point to the idiots in Academia teaching White Guilt to our children??


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