Posted by: bj | November 20, 2020

Lt. General McInerney: Hammer and Scorecard Created by the CIA, legally for good, Used by Obama Illegally, for Evil.

Fox news: Lt. General Thomas McInerney said two pieces of software, Hammer and Scorecard are being used by Democrats as a SUPER WEAPON for Voter Fraud and were used to overturn the 2020 election.

Narrative Following; Video Below Narrative (first aired March 19, 2017)

Hammer:  A surveillance  software developed by Dennis Montgomery (high tec programmer) for the CIA in 2003 to go after radical Islamists

Scorecard:  A program developed by Dennis Montgomery for the CIA with the intent  to install leaders  in foreign countries that were favorable to the United States.

But under Obama is was used for more sinister purposes.  On February 3, 2009 , two weeks into the Obama Administration, the programs were moved out of the CIA into a secret “SCIFF”  (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) in Fort Washington, Maryland, and then began listening in on US citizens including Chief Justices, prominent Americans, politicians, etc.

When this happened Dennis Montgomery, who developed the programs, became a whistleblower.  

Under former, FBI Director, James Comey, and CIA Chief, John Brennan, Hammer and Scorecard were redesigned to target American citizens, specifically, the LEFTs political opponents like Donald Trump.

With Obama’s blessing these DEEP STATE Operators, Comey and Brennan, went to work to undermine the 2012, 2016 elections and 2020 elections.  The election  programs were countered in 2012 and 2016, but in 2020 they were successful and managed to sabotage the Trump election by re-allocating some of the Trump vote to Biden.

This was primarily used in the battle ground states and is evident in the massive vote dump in the early hours of November 4, after Trump was ahead by over whelming numbers around 11:03 when most battleground states stopped counting votes for 4, 5 and 6 hours.

Fox News and the other left wing news stations will not allow Lt. General McInerney on air to present these allegations.  They discount it completely.  Lt. General McInerney knows it is true because he watched it being prepped, being used in the primaries.  McInerney thinks, if not for vote tampering, Trump would have won in a landslide.  In fact, the Trump vote was so high, those manipulating the vote had to inject massive vote switches from Trump to Biden which is what caused all the red flags to go up.

If this information is not presented to the proper judges immediately, and acted upon, it will have dire consequences for future elections and for America. “If Republicans loose this election, they will never win another one again.  China, Russia and Others will then own us.”

Comments by America-Wake-Up:

Tucker Carlson at Fox News and other news media have asked Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani  for “Evidence”.  They are still putting together the evidence.  Tucker, Get off your HIGH HORSE.  Everyone will see the proof when the Courts see the evidence.  Evidence comes before proof.  

Sidney Powell causes me some stress when she said in her Thursday press conference: “we don’t know who has the Hammer Scorecard Software from Frankfurt, Germany, The good guys or the bad guys.  If she doesn’t know, the CIA (bad guys) might have the hard evidence.  This might take away the 100% hard  evidence and so we  have to rely on the courts interpretation of the hundreds of  Affidavits and statistical  experts who would testify that it was  a zero statistical probability for Biden to recover from the massive Trump vote lead at 11:00 pm EST (with 75% of the vote already counted) and also for hundreds of thousands of votes to have only voted for Biden (zero for Trump and zero for other items on the ballots) 


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