Posted by: bj | December 6, 2020

Fractional vote counting proves Fraudulent Vote Counting: See Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration below:

To see how this affects the Virginia 2020 vote for President, see the below post on Virginia Voting results

Begin at the 8:00 minute mark

Votes can be manipulated in seconds by: allocating a final outcome percentage to be achieved by each side or many other methods. This is why the Virginia running vote totals received by the New Your Times on the Trump / Biden vote counting were all recorded in votes by 2 decimal places. For example: one vote for any selected party does not equal 1.00; but could be less than 1.00 or .65 of one vote or more than one vote 1.49 for example. Or the Vote rigger wishes Biden to win by 50.50% and Trump to loose by 49.50% would result in each receiving real votes in the 2 or more decimal places, which are then presented to the public in whole numbers.


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