Posted by: bj | December 19, 2020

Dr. Jerome Corsi: Daily Podcasts and Afternoon Zoom calls with Patriots

Dr. Jerome Corsi, Author and investigative journalist, who experienced several years of harassment by “Special Council Robert Muller” has frequent conservative internet podcasts and Zoom calls with his “Patriot Groups”. The Muller team told Corsi to lie or be prosecuted. Corsi refused to lie. He is still fighting for TRUTH in journalism which is very difficult to find in todays environment.

For the last three days I have been invited to be a participant in the above referenced Zoom calls (1:00 pst) which describe the Trump administrations current efforts to survive the four year + coup d’etat and election fraud by the “deep state. The Zoom calls on Thursday, Friday and Saturday have been very informative to say the least.

To learn more, click on the Dr. Corsi most current pod cast recorded on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

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