Posted by: bj | February 17, 2021

Irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh Passes Away – A Sad Day for Freedom –

Former President Trump broke his radio silence and called into Fox News for his first interview since leaving office to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh after his passing away from cancer was announced earlier today on his radio show by his wife.

Trump called “Outnumbered” on Wednesday to remember and honor one of the greatest and most beloved talk radio personalities America has ever known. The former president had spoken to Limbaugh there or four days ago and he noted that Limbaugh had been in bad shape for some time. “He, in theory, could have been gone four months ago, really,” Trump stated. “He was a fighter.”

Limbaugh was 70-years-old. He had been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in January of 2020. His wife Kathryn has been steadfastly at his side since the diagnosis and millions of Americans were praying for remission. But Limbaugh’s battle ended on Wednesday with his wife by his side. Trump noted how Limbaugh was always speaking fondly of his wife and noting how well she took care of him.

Trump went on to praise the radio legend further by saying that people “respected him even if they didn’t like him.” “He is a legend. He really is. There aren’t too many legends around. But he is a legend,” Trump proclaimed. “And those people who listen to him every day, it was like a religious experience for a lot of people.”

Video Credit: Fox News

Trump and Limbaugh became friends during the former president’s 2016 campaign. “He was a unique guy, and he became a friend of mine,” Trump proudly stated.

“I didn’t know Rush at all, I had barely met him,” he recalled. “Without ever having met him or talked to him or had lunch with him, he was right with me from the beginning.”

Trump gave credit where it was due, calling Limbaugh “something special” and noting that it was the renowned conservative who helped him emerge as the leader from the GOP primary. “Rush felt very early that we were going to win, before the escalator ride, if you wanna know the truth,” Trump reminisced.

Trump spoke briefly about the election and how Limbaugh firmly believed that he had won.

He also went on to speak about what a great golfer Limbaugh was. “He was a strong guy, physically very strong, he hit the ball a long way.”

Trump also spoke of Limbaugh and his work ethic: “Rush is irreplaceable, unique. He had an audience that was massive. … He would get up in the show and just talk. He wouldn’t take phone calls, where people would call in every two minutes. That’s sort of easy to do. He would just talk for two hours or three hours, just talk,” Trump said. “That’s not an easy thing to do. I once asked him, I said, ‘Do you study for the show?’ He said, ‘Actually, I study very hard,’ which a little bit surprised me. He was a fantastic man, a fantastic talent. People, whether they loved him or not, they respected him. They really did.”

Condolences and tributes poured in for Rush Limbaugh after the news broke.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton tweeted: “Rush Limbaugh was a giant. With his straightforward, simple articulation of conservatism, he inspired millions. He was one-of-a-kind and he will be missed.”


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