Posted by: bj | April 1, 2021

Wuhan Lab and Corona 19: Tucker digging deeper. Bill Gertz confirms C 19 is not from Animals (nature) but created in a Lab.

March 31, 2021: Tucker Carlson: Fox News.

This was removed by youtube. Here is half of it on “Real Clear Politics”



  1. Seriously does our media and government and media think we’re all absolute morons??? Everyone knows it was leaked from a lab that the virus was handed to and funded by our own government and Fauci Gates Soros WHO WEF UN were all informed of years before it was released!!!!! Next we’re gonna find out that it wasn’t an accident but released by treasonous globalists to get Trump out of power and sell America into the WEF GLOBAL SLAVERY AND CONFISCATION SCHEME!!!!!! Problems with the world today is our government employees who instead of working to make life better for its citizens it looks at us as idiots!!!! They’ve been bought off and now trying to send us to our graves in the name of science!!!! TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

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