Posted by: bj | April 6, 2021

Sky News Australia: The Biden Administration is a Joke

Biden Encourages Illegal Aliens to flood Across Southern Border

Children Are Kept in Cages at the Border, then released 10% + with Covid

Biden Helicopters dropping billions of $ from the sky

Increasing Prices and the National Debt by Trillions of $

Biden Administration allows males to compete in female sports

Liberals call removing dead people from the voter roles…”voter suppression”

In Summary: Biden Appoints people to his Administration; not on their “Character” or “Qualifications”; but based on the color of their skin and their sexual preferences to leave no one out



  1. Very good!

  2. ***This is great, Bob!!! Amazing, that in only a couple of weeks and change… the entire world looks at the US and its current administration as a huge, albeit dangerous, JOKE!!

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