Posted by: bj | May 4, 2021

Avoiding the Future Plague – 1954 –

Predictions from 70 years ago.


  1. How can the Biden’s, Pelosi, etc.go to church and sleep at night knowing that they are directly responsible, with their Border Policy, for the child abuse, rape of young immigrant girls, while allowing these immigrant children to be sold like cattle by the cartels.

    • Power power power. Is all they care about American people are not even on the list

  2. ***The caveat says this is not a real Public Service Announcement from the 50’s.Even if it were, it’s likely law abiding, God fearing, church going, hard working Caucasian Americans would have paid no attention to the creeping rot undermining our schools and our government. The fact remains, we were so busy being inclusive, being generous with welfare, and naively assuming most people were like us, hardworking, clean, generous, religious and conservative…… when in fact we were breeding and filling this country with greedy and substandard swamp creatures. We are now not only paying the piper, we are paying our own hangman.

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