Posted by: bj | May 6, 2021

Biden’s DOJ To Interfere With Forensic Audit Of Maricopa County Ballots

Biden’s DOJ To Interfere With Forensic Audit Of Maricopa County Ballots

(Republican Insider) – It seems the Democrats are truly terrified of the results from the Maricopa County forensic audit being published in the public eye because they are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that this project is not completed and their dirty deeds remain hidden in the dark.

According to Gateway Pundit, the very same organization that helped to cook up the whole Russian collusion nonsense and allowed voter fraud to run rampant in the 2020 presidential race is now going to be sticking their nose into the audit in Maricopa County.

Journalist Garrett Archer with ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona has reported that the Biden Department of Justice is set to “get involved in some capacity” with the forensic audit, which is still happening right now.

It’s really important to note, once again, that the Department of Justice did absolutely nothing as Democrats prevented Republicans from being able to be in the same room where ballot counting was happening. They also did nothing to stop vans from dropping off loads of ballots in the cover of darkness.

And now they want to step into this audit and shut it down. Innocent people don’t typically act this way. Here’s a copy of the letter from the DOJ addressed to Secretary of State Fann.

However, the DOJ isn’t the only leftist agency or group seeking to get in on the audit and shut it down or disrupt it in some capacity. One such group is Project Democracy, who sent a letter to those carrying out the audit, threatening them with legal action.

The letter was signed by Perkins Coie, which is the exact same firm that represented Hillary Clinton and was heavily involved in the Russia probe.

And, as always, George Soros has a huge role to play in this interference. Soros has deep connections with a group known as the Brennan Center, which is a far-left activist group and legal organization, having received over $1 million in funding from various progressive billionaires.

Then there’s the Leadership Conference, which is a coalition that is composed of over 200 entities with the common mission of “equality.”

“The Leadership Conference’s founders came together in 1950 out of the belief that the fight for civil rights could not be won by one group alone, but needed to be waged in coalition,” the report says.

“Our members — which have grown from 30 civil and human rights organizations at our founding to more than 200 today — differ in size, scope, and structure. But what transcends our differences and unites The Leadership Conference coalition is our enduring common purpose: full equality for all,” the GP report says.

As stated at the beginning of the piece, the radical left is desperately trying to prevent the masses from getting the results from the Maricopa County recount. You can tell they don’t want this information out to the public. If regular folks find out the truth about the election. The truth must be known by all


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