Posted by: bj | May 30, 2021

Steve Bannon Goes Off On Election Fraud Saying “Wisconsin Will Be The Easiest To Prove – They’re In A Full Panic!”

Steve Bannon Goes Off On Election Fraud Saying “Wisconsin Will Be The Easiest To Prove – They’re In A Full Panic!”

(Republican Insider) – Thank God for freedom-loving, American patriots who have been fighting for months to uncover the truth regarding the 2020 presidential election. 

In Arizona, the entire GOP party is behind getting to the truth with Senate Republicans finally getting the forensic audit they’ve been fighting for since November. 

In Michigan, Attorney Matthew DePerno is ramping up efforts to expose the fraud and corruption daily and a judge in Georgia just ruled in favor of a massive audit to be performed.

We can’t, however, forget about the other controversial states. Steve Bannon, host of the wildly popular podcast The War Room, said on Saturday during an episode of his show that Wisconsin just might be the easiest state to prove fraud resulted in a stolen election. 

He slammed the left and asserted they’re in a “complete panic” over the ongoing developments and audits around the country. 

On Saturday morning, Bannon called out the establishment media outlets like “the Associated Press, The Hill, MSNBC” saying “they are all in a panic.” 

“They have seen what Michael Patrick Leahy’s reporting has done in Georgia. They see what the judge did in Georgia. They see the patriot’s progress on the Concord Bridge of the convention center in Arizona. They see what’s happening behind the scenes in Pennsylvania. They see the talk that’s going down in Michigan… So, now in Wisconsin, they do not talk about the indefinitely confined. That’s where the clerks stole it and the early voting scandal!”

Bannon is referring to the number of “indefinitely confined” voters skyrocketing during the 2020 election cycle. As The Gateway Pundit reported back in February, the number of “indefinitely confined” voters in Wisconsin went from 60,000 in 2016 to 243,900 in 2020. 

These “indefinitely confined” voters are not required to prove their identification according to Wisconsin state law and are eligible to use the state’s “Express Votes” ballots. What a convenient year for the number of Wisconsin residents who aren’t required to show any kind of ID to skyrocket. 

A local Madison news outlet reported on the ‘indefinite confined’ ballots from the 2020 election pointing out that while these voters are not required to show ID to vote, they are not exempt from the voter registration process which requires them to sign their absentee certificate with a witness on their absentee ballot. 

The state claims that the increase in these voters was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that, apparently, residents of the state who were fearful over the virus were somehow eligible to become “indefinitely confined” voters exempting them from voter ID laws. 

If this really is the case in Wisconsin, who authorized the broadening of the “indefinitely confined” voter category? Clearly, people who are just afraid of catching a virus are not actually indefinitely confined or disabled.

In their report on this obvious fraud, The Gateway Pundit also pointed out that many of the absentee ballots from supposedly “indefinitely confined” voters weren’t even creased indicating they weren’t mailed in like you would expect them to be coming from someone who supposedly cannot, for whatever reason, leave their house. 

We wonder how many of these “indefinitely confined” voters voted for Joe Biden. 

Steve Bannon is certainly right. If someone would just take action and determine to get to the bottom of this bizarre phenomenon, it would most definitely be quite easy to prove that the increase was due to fraud rather than an increase of actual “indefinitely confined” voters. 

The left should be in a panic. The jig is up and it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops. 

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