Posted by: bj | July 27, 2021

Chinese Penetrate US Congress with Eric Swalwell on Intelligence Committee

Eric Swallwell, US Congressman from the San Francisco Bay Area was sleeping with a Chinese spy (Fang Fang). This is not gossip. It is a fact. Eric is on the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives. The Committee was created by the US Senate to oversee US Intelligence (spying) activities. The Intelligence Committee has a “Report” which outlines the Fang Fang involvement with Swalwell and maybe other Congerssmen.

Thus, we have the Intelligence Committee (which is privy to the nations top secrets)and Congress which oversees it, both which could be compromised or blackmailed by China. Republicans have insisted that The “Report” be made public and that Eric Swalwell be removed from the Committee if not completely removed from Congress. Biden, Pelosi and their democrat associates refuse.

This is outrageous.


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