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Jan 17, 2022: Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, makes startling admissions about the vaccines

The house of cards that was the vaccine conspiracy is now collapsing after directly killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and God knows how many more around the world. Kent

January 17, 2022

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla makes startling admissions about the vaccines

By Vasko Kohlmayer

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Last week Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, gave an interview to Yahoo Finance and made some truly startling admissions.  He said, among other things, that the two original Pfizer injections provide no protection against COVID-19.

“We know that the two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection, if any,” Bourla confessed.

If, then, you have received the two shots, you are not protected against infection or severe COVID or death.  Neither are you less likely to transmit the disease to others than your unvaccinated neighbor or co-worker.

To put it in a different way, the first two jabs you have taken are no good to you at this point.

It was less than a year ago that we were promised that these injections would be our ticket to safety, normalcy, and freedom.

Those who believed this and submitted themselves to Pfizer are now for all practical purposes unvaccinated.  It is as if they had not taken anything all.

There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who are in this position.

This, however, is not the worst of it.  There have been hundreds of thousands of people who have suffered severe side-effects, including death, from these now useless injections.

The chart below gives a sense of the magnitude of this calamity.  It shows an explosion of death reports that began in late 2020 when the COVID vaccines were first introduced.  The graph is based on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is a database established by the U.S. government and now jointly managed by the FDA and the CDC.

As you can see, in the last thirteen months, there have been more reports to VAERS of deaths related to the COVID vaccines than in the previous thirty years for all the other vaccines combined.

It has been conservatively estimated that at least one hundred and fifty thousand Americans have died as a result of the COVID injections.  The true number is probably closer to three hundred thousand.

Most of these deaths have not been widely reported or publicized, because the vast majority were just ordinary people.  The establishment did its best to keep them hidden and it has largely succeeded.

There was, however, one group that has consistently frustrated the concealment crusaders: elite athletes.

In the last thirteen months, at least 200 elite athletes have collapsed and died of heart-related issues, and hundreds of others have had their careers and lives interrupted.

This was difficult to keep under wraps since many of these incidents were caught on camera as they occurred during televised broadcasts.  (You can see some of them here.)

When was the last time you remember seeing dozens upon dozens of athletes suffering cardiac arrest on sports fields around the world?

This shows just how deadly the shots are, given that nearly all the victims were young people in excellent health.  Such individuals normally do not die, so the sharp spike in deaths within this group — mostly from cardiac-related issues and clots — must be due to some external factors.  The vaccines are the obvious suspect, since myocarditis, pericarditis and blood clotting are now acknowledged and well documented side-effects of the COVID shots.

Elite athletes obviously constitute only a very tiny fraction of the population.  When you transpose the rate at which they are being injured and killed by the vaccines to the populace at large, you will get an idea of just how widespread serious vaccinal side-effects are.

Having made billions in profits by injecting hundreds of millions of people with vaccines that have inflicted unprecedented collateral damage, we are now told by the Pfizer CEO that the two shots afford no protection.

This would be the same man who only some two months ago labeled those who called into question his company’s product conspiracy theorists and “criminals.”

This is how his attack was reported by CNBC:

People who spread misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines are “criminals” and have cost “millions of lives,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Tuesday.

What, we ask, was exactly the nature of this “misinformation”?  It mostly consisted of concerns related to the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

Now we know — by Mr. Bourla’s own admission — that the vaccines are not particularly effective.  It is also obvious that they are not particularly safe.

Pfizer’s CEO has yet to apologize for his slanderous and incendiary comments directed at those who had earlier expressed skepticism about the quality of Pfizer’s wares.

Interestingly, Bourla was especially concerned that those spreading “misinformation” — i.e., those who were telling the truth — may receive some compensation for their work:

People that want to make money, some of them, by playing with the emotions of these people are creating a whole conspiracy theory, and they are trying to basically to benefit and profit from this fear of the people. And this is who are the criminals.

It is paradoxical that this accusation comes from a man who makes more than twenty million dollars a year leading a company that has made tens of billions of dollars in profits from peddling what looks like an ineffective (at his own admission) and possibly dangerous product.

Who are the criminals in all this?

Vasko Kohlmayer was born and grew up in former communist Czechoslovakia.  You can follow his writings by subscribing to his Substack newsletter “Notes from the Twilight Zone.”  He is the author of The West in Crisis: Civilizations and Their Death Drives.


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