Posted by: bj | March 2, 2022

Biden Orders Severe Sanctions on USA Oil Companies and has NO Sanctions on Russian Oil Companies – Biden Allows the “new green deal” to Threaten America and Europe –

Is Putin is too far in to loose face and leave Ukraine? Is it to late to avoid an excruciating bloodbath?

What can be done?

The US became a net exporter of petroleum in 2020 (under Trump as President) for the first time in history. After one year with Biden closing down Alaska drilling, Federal Oil leases, banning fracking, and closing down oil pipe line, the US oil production is now 2 million barrels per day less than it was a year ago, and we are now buying oil from Russia, Iran and others just to supply demand. This is fine with the climate change hoax fanatics because they want to eliminate fossil fuels energy by 100% and create all energy from the wind and he sun. In other words, they want to completely destroy the US economy so they will not upset the “global warming hoax crowd”.

Currently the US buys 672,000 barrels of oil from Russia. That is 245,000,000 barrels per year or $27 billion per year paid by us in America to Russia for Oil. (@ $110 / barrel) That represents over 7% of the entire GNP of Russia Exports of $397 billion / year.

China currently imports 16.5 billion cubic feet of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) from Russia at close to $.95 / cubic foot that puts another $16 billion in Russia. This is expected to double with a new pipeline in several years.

Meanwhile, just as the US was becoming self sufficient in energy and selling LNG and oil to western Europe, Biden slams US oil companies with more executive order sanctions in 2021 and USA production drops by 2 million (barrels or equivalent cubic feet per year) forcing Western Europe to buy more LNG and oil from Russia. Then last week Russia invades Ukraine forcing Germany and others in Europe to say they will respond by not turning on the new pipeline from Russia.

Thus, Western Europe is held hostage by Russia. They must decide between astronomic energy prices because of low supply, freezing temperatures and sticking to their morals or accepting the blackmailing of Russia, open the pipeline and pay Russia additional billions of $ for energy.

The best solution to all that is going on would be for Biden to go back to the Trump energy plan, removing all sanctions he imposed in his first week as president so the US would again be 100% energy self sufficient, Western Europe and the US would not be forced to buy Russian oil, they would buy Oil from the US. This would dramatically reduce the price of energy in the US and Western Europe and be a big step in crushing the Russian economy which is largely a petroleum based economy.

Until this is done Biden is aiding our enemy , Russia, while they invade our ally, Ukraine.

The problem here is the Biden people care more for the “global warming hoax” far left of the democratic party than they care about the American people.



  1. The only issue with this article is the fact that Ukraine is nothing more than a corrupt Soros installed government made up of Neo-Nazi’s who kill and torture the people of Dunbass and other areas of Ukraine, funded by none other than the US taxpayers and of course 10% for the “Big Guy”. Ukraine could have easily avoided any conflict by sticking to the Minsk agreement and NATO not impeding the boundaries of Russia. Ukraine is supposed to stay a neutral territory and Ukraine keeps pushing to be in NATO and the US keeps sending weapons etc.. For 8 years Ukraine has terrorized the people/ children in some regions, so much so they wanted help from Russia.
    The US has no place being in Ukraine or buying oil from any foreign government. The US corrupt government is only worried about their money laundering, sex trafficking and building their Neo-Nazi regime that Ukraine is used for.
    They do not care about the people, for if they did we would have had planes sent to Ukraine to allow any and all refugees. That doesn’t happen though cause that doesn’t help the destruction of USA, the US only allows open boarders and plane rides from known terrorist countries who in no way share any of American morals or ideology. All paid for with taxpayers money. Ukraine is another distraction full of propaganda to keep people from seeing and thinking about what is happening on USA soil.
    Our own corrupt government, the dossier investigations, the voting fraud findings, the mandates, the inflation that they will try to spin and blame Russia, all just one big smoke screen.
    God Bless the innocent people being trapped and killed within Ukraine by the Neo-Nazi Ukraine regime.

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