Posted by: bj | March 13, 2022

Biden Criminal Activities – If the Democrats do not go along with Impeaching Biden and Harris they Are accelerating the destruction of the United States

Biden is certainly allowing Russia and China to blackmail him for the billion of $ they funneled to Hunter Biden (and then most assuredly) to the “Big Guy” as Hunter referred to him in emails.

Russia and China are getting their moneys worth.

IRAN has shouted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” for decades ever since the Iranian Revolution, yet Biden cancels all the Trump sanctions on Iran (which were crippling the country) the week he is elected and now Russia is Negotiating on behalf of the United States, in the Vienna talks to re-instate what Trump canceled. The Russian / Biden negotiations will allow Iran to even develop a nuclear bomb much faster, pay Iran $100 billion, which will allow Iran to continue its financing of worldwide financing of Terror.

Meanwhile Russia invades a neighboring peaceful country, Ukraine, and is bombing Ukraine back to the stone age and committing war crimes by targeting women, children, maternity and regular hospitals, schools, churches an civilian convoys and residential buildings. And Biden cancels the Polish MIG 19 transfer to assist Ukraine assuring more death and destruction to Ukraine.

Russia or Putin is so emboldened by the lack of any deterrence by Biden that he is actually hiring mercenaries and asking China to help fight Ukraine.

Meanwhile Biden sanctions and restrictions on US oil companies and tries to get our enemies to send more oil to the US. US oil production is down by 2 million barrels per day from a year ago when the US was a net energy exporter under Trump 14 months ago. This forcing oil prices to increase by over 100% in weeks. All this is because Biden is beholden to the “climate change hoax promoters”. It is obvious that Biden policies are AGAINST the USA and benefit foreign enemies

Then, to top it off Biden refuses to finish the Mexico border wall has literally opened the southern border to Mexico allowing 200,000 illegals to cross the border every month since he has been in office. All this promoting more votes for “THE PARTY”.

The only good news from all this is: Putin is done, toast, finito AT SOME POINT, and maybe America and the world will wake up.

Please God……………….. help us all


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