Posted by: bj | March 18, 2022

More Proof that Climate Change is a Severe Hoax Sponsored by the Far Left Marxists.

Global Warming sponsors (and the Biden Crowd) are directly responsible for a large portion of the current soaring inflation of all prices and the Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Russia is financing its war in Ukraine with oil Revenue, mostly from Europe and the US. If Russia did not have this revenue, it would not have the $ to finance its war on Ukraine. Thus, there would be no Russian war in Ukraine

When Trump was President the US produced approximately 20 million barrels a day, and used about 19 million barrels. The US was self sufficient for the first time in history. Biden mandates have reduced the US oil production to approximately 18 million barrels a day. Now Biden is buying oil from our enemies, Russia, Iran, Venezuela (trying) and begging Saudi and the UAE and Dubai to produce more because the price of US gas and diesel has doubled since he has become president. Biden is doing this to not offend the Climate Change crowd who wants to eliminate the US energy companies and rely on wind and solar for all US energy requirements. This will completely destroy the United States if it is allowed to continue. The facts are: It is not physically possible for the Country to continue to be a Country without petroleum because solar and wind will never supply the required energy.

Meanwhile, the Russians are negotiating on behalf of the Biden Administration, to make a nuclear bomb deal with Iran who has espoused :”DEATH TO AMERICA AND DEATH TO ISRAEL”.

This is beyond belief. And the republicans in Congress sit back and watch.

Biden is compromised because Russia, China and Iran have all the detail on all the Hunter Biden and his dad (“the BIG GUY”) regarding their treasonous transactions with Russia, China, Ira, Venezuela, and others.The threat of blackmail from these countries , and the green cool aid progressives will keep Biden from doing what is right.

Meanwhile Biden cares about the Russians violating Ukraines borders and welcomes 200,000 illegal aliens into the southern border with Mexico every month. (because he expects them to vote for more democrats)

You can’t make this stuff up. Pray for America.



  1. Good analysis….

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