Posted by: bj | April 20, 2022

World Energy Requirements: Solar, Wind, Batteries and Petroleum, gas and Coal.

World Energy Requirements: Wind, Solar, Batteries, and Petroleum, gas & Coal.

The government has invested $5 trillion over the last 20 years to encourage renewable green energy, and those green sources only produce 3% of the worlds transportation energy requirements. Oil, natural gas and coal produced 86% of the worlds energy 20 years ago; today that number is only down 2% to 84%. Batteries for storage require a huge increase in mining which is a “no go” with “green” ecologists and governments.

The world largest solar panel factory built by Tesla at the Tahoe, Reno Industrial park in Reno, would take 500 years of production to produce enough solar panels to provide one day of storage for the worlds energy consumption.


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