Posted by: bj | February 17, 2011

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Testifies: “The Obama Budget is Unsustainable”

February 17, 2011 Washington DC        (STUNNING TESTIMONY!!)                (See utube audio proof at end of post – courtesy of Mark Levin)

Republican Senator from Alabama questions Timothy Geithner (Secretary of the US Treasury) on Obama’s (and Geithner’s) 2011 Federal Budget.  Geithner, the number one  finance guy in the US Government, testifies that the Obama 2011 budget presented several days ago is Completely UNSUSTAINABLE.  

Geithner then asks Mr. Sessions:  “What is the Alternative?”  and  “Do we have the political will to cut it?”

This is incredible:  The Republicans have “alternatives”, and “the will”,  but Obama tells the Republicans that if they change his budget, he will veto any cuts they propose. 

Thus, Obama and his Treasury Secretary,  propose a budget last week,  that the Treasury Secretary today says is ‘UNSUSTAINABLE’ ; and Obama insists on Congress passing, or he will veto their changes. 

Obama has presented a formula for the financial collapse of the United States of America, his finance guy says it ‘SUCKS”, and Obama will veto any Republican proposals to make it better.     IS IT  –  TIME TO IMPEACH – WITH OUT SENATE APPROVAL –  ?   Impossible??

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