Posted by: bj | November 2, 2012

Murder in Benghazi

The Benghazi Facts 

  • Benghazi U S embassy attacked in April and June 2012
  • Benghazi Red Cross attacked in spring 2012
  • Benghazi British Embassador attacked in spring  2012
  • Benghazi Red Cross and British Embassy are closed because of lack of security
  • Multiple  requests to the State Department for increased Benghazi security from the  U S Embassador in Libya are refused
  • Emails were sent to White House , State Department, Pentagon, CIA and FBI from Behghazi Embassy and Annex stating they were under attack and REQUESTING HELP.   Washington had the emails in real-time.
  • No help was  provided by Washington during an 8 hour fire fight where 2 ex navy seals fight off dozens of attackers for 7 to 8 hours.
  • US forces, marines, and air were less than 1 hour away from Benghazi
  • Obama goes to bed, knowing 4 American have just been murdered in Benghazi; gets up in the am; gives a speech referring to generic terrorism in the Rose Garden;  he then flys  to Las Vegas for a fund-raiser
  • For the next 2 weeks Obama (in many venues including the UN security council),  Hillary Clinton, The US  Ambassador to the UN and other spokesmen and women in the Obama administration claim the Benghazi “incident” was a riot caused by an anti Muslim movie produced by a Christian in Los Angeles.
  • Obama even calls the terrorist atttack:  “a bump in the road”.
  • Existing emails now show that the CIA and State Department knew the attack was by ql-Qaeda.
  • The government has the LA Christian (short movie maker) jailed for parole violations.  He is still in prison.
  • Prior to the Obama administration broadcasting the existence of this pdf movie, it had received a total of 17 hits on utube.
  • Several weeks later, it was confirmed that the Whitehouse and all other government departments knew the attack was not a random riot but a well planned terrorist attack by al-Qaeda; yet the continued to blame the short movie.
  • Obama states he gave the order to do everything necessary to “protect our people”.
  • General Ham (North Africa Commander) has stated that he never received an order to assist in protecting the Benghazi embassy.
  • Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense and Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announce that they did not send assets to fight the Benghazi  attackers because they did not have enough information to formulate a plan.
  • The 2 ex-navy seals in the Annex were told not to fight back.  They refused the order.  It is not known who issued this order.
  • Admiral Charles Gaouette, from the Middle East Carrier Strike force and General Ham (who received the same emails as the Whitehouse from Benghazi) begin to implement a force to fight the Benghazi attackers and rescue those under attack at the Embassy.
  • They are told to stand down; by who is not known at this time.
  • General Ham disregards the “stand down” order and proceed to act.  Ham is immediately relieved of his command by the second in command.
  • Obama essentially fires General Ham and Admiral Gaouette for vague excuses.
  • The Navy seals LASER  targeted two positions where they were taking mortar hits.  They were led to believe that Washington had sent help and these lasers would enable the US military to take out the enemy mortars.
  • These lasers  enabled the enemy to precisely target  the 2 navy seals on the roof of Annex and enabled the enemy mortars to zero in on the navy seals.
  • End result: Four Americans including 2 seals, and the U S ambassador are murdered.

Who is responsible for this cover-up and not telling the American people the truth?

  • The Whitehouse, Defense Department and State Department
  • The liberal news out-lets;   ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, PBS,  etc., The New York Times and many other new papers around the country  that are trying to push Obama over the finish line.  The news media have an OBLIGATION to tell us the truth.  The actions of the  news media above are criminal in this regard.

It is Friday, November 2, 2012 and Obama is still on the campaign trail  bragging about how he has al-Qaeda on the run, even when they are one of two groups claiming responsibility for the Benghazi attacks.  

At this point, knowing what we know to be the truth so far, If Obama is re-elected, he should be impeached. 

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