Posted by: bj | November 3, 2012

Obama’s November Surprise?

Must Read – See Below Bill Gertz Writing on Libya.

Last week I had a real treat.  I met Bill Gertz  at the Sausalito Yacht Club and visited with him and his friends at the Trident. 
Bill is a hero or mentor of mine.  He  has been on my links at since the beginning.  Bill is the real deal, a national treasure and is one of the foremost and influential thinkers and writers in America. 
He is the National Security Columnist for the Washington Times,  and Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon 
Bill’s focus is on:  National Security, threats to the United States and Foreign Affairs.  If you want to know what is going on or about to happen, READ BILL GERTZ……………Bill’s latest writing on the links below, discusses what could be Obama’s  November 5 or November 6 surprise, before the election.

“Political analysts in Washington have speculated that the Obama administration may launch an attack in Libya against the militants who carried out the attack before Tuesday’s election.”

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